Process Engineering/Improvement

We have a very unique approach to Process Engineering. Although we leverage methodologies like CEMTM, LEAN and LEAN Six Sigma etc., our approach is very pragmatic and deliberate in its sequence and design. As a result, we are not constrained by these methodologies and do not spend an inordinate amount of time on complying to standards or methods. We can guarantee success with very fast results, often in the first month of the project.

Many Agile principles from the IT world are adopted, but more importantly our method of solution design and implementation, allows for the process side to be in sync with the new Agile way of IT delivery. Agile benefits of speed, certainty/success rate, ROI and flexibility are replicated in the process engineering space. Our solutions design and implementation is very pragmatic in that many “independent” and small improvements are done in a phased and iterative approach. Improvement is not always dependent on large scale IT system changes and a very high benefit realisation is possible.

Process Engineering Outcomes

  • Cost/Waste reduction

  • Increased sales/revenue enhancement

  • Complaints reduction

  • Regulatory and Compliance improvement and optimisation

  • Capacity creation

  • Customer experience design & improvement


Our COE offering in this space enables you to build this capability in house – read more about that here

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

Leonardo Da Vinci