Centres of Excellence

We have set these up, run, improved and done point interventions to support various business objectives:

Process Engineers

Most LEAN Six Sigma programs do not deliver the benefits they promise and only around 30% of belts get certified.

Our approach to Process Engineering training does not have certification as an objective, but rather successful transfer of skill, knowledge and successful implementation of improvements.

We believe there is a distinct difference between the required skillset of a career process engineer vs. an operational person and approach these two roles very differently.

We have partnered with Juran Institue in South Africa to provide internationally recognised training and certification on LEAN Six Sigma. We can provide the on the ground support and coaching, not just on the technical aspects of the methodology, but also on how to implement improvements, how to navigate political, procedural, system and other challenges.

Our training program tailored to operational staff draws on elements from these various methodologies to help operational staff understand and apply production principles like flow, quality, productivity, waste etc. The emphasis is on understanding these in relation to service environments and in support of continuous improvement activities.

Business Analysis

IGNIS consultants are experts in hands on team management, driving productivity, quality and delivery.  Our perfectly positioned business analyst’s focuses on:

Financial, risk, enterprise analysis, resource and project management, costing, budgeting and planning, strategic and tactical business case research and development.

Gap analysis, current and future state analysis, waterfall and agile methodologies across the SDLC, and development of Centres’ of Excellence capabilities, extensive experience in the application of BABOK.

Business, functional, non-functional, transition and data requirements, user manuals.

“The man who grasps principles can successfully handle his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson